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New York Police Department NYPD 9/11 Tribute

In Memory of September 11, 2001
Never forgotten will be the 343 New York City Firefighters, 23 New York City Police Officers, and 37 Port Authority Officers
killed in the line of duty saving others on 9/11.

New York Fire Department NYFD 9/11 Tribute

One Day in September 2001

On September 11, 2001, two jetliners deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers in what is now known as the biggest terrorist attack on United States soil. 

In the ensuing aftermath, true heroes, the men and woman of the New York Fire Department, New York Police Department, and Port Authority Police Department bravely ventured into the chaos, calamity, and danger while citizens ran for their lives. 

In the end, 343 New York Firefighters, 23 New York Police Officers, and 37 Port Authority Police Officers lost their lives helping others that fateful day. 

What I Seen & Heard That Day   

One the morning of 9/11, I was in the final stages of editing my book, “Inside the World of Police Scanners”. While working, I would always have my TV on CNN News with the volume low and I would periodically look up at the TV to see what was being discussed. 

That morning, I recall typing and then hearing "This just in...we have unconfirmed reports this morning that a plane has crashed into one of the towers of the World Trade Center". I remember looking up at the TV screen and seeing “Breaking News – World Trade Center Disaster” across the bottom screen and one of the twin towers smoking heavily. I immediately turned up the volume. At the time, I had a habit of videotaping major breaking news stories and this was no different so I popped in a VCR tape and hit record. (I still have about 80 hours of news coverage on VCR tape)

After I began recording, I went to a list of live scanner feed I had bookmarked and went to a live New York City fire department feed to listen to rescue operations. I had been listening for about 5-minutes when out of nowhere the second plane hit the second tower. I remember saying to myself “OH SH*T!" - this is intentional. As events unfolded, I sat with the TV volume low listening to rescue operations on the live scanner feed and then watched in horror as the first tower collapsed, then later, the second tower. 

In my 28+ years of listening to police and fire communications, I have heard many things that would make the average person cringe, but *nothing* compares to what I heard live over the air that day as I simultaneously watched it unfold on TV and what the firefighters and police officers went through following the collapse of the first tower, then the second.

The Towers Collapse

After the first tower collapsed, there were many calls for help from trapped firefighters and other fire-rescue units responding to those calls for help. After the second tower collapsed, there was just silence and the dispatcher trying to raise someone on the air, but there was no one left to respond - it was very chilling to hear and then not hear anything.

The one transmission that I will never forget was from someone who identified himself as a fire chief over the air yelling for help and that he was trapped under a fire engine with a police sergeant and that both were badly injured and could barely breathe. After several minutes of the dispatcher trying to get his location to get help to him, the radio went quiet on the other end. It was then that I knew that he did not make it. 

On another channel, I heard a civilian also get on the air panicked and yelling for help and that he was inside a fire truck - the dispatcher telling him that help was on the way and to clear the radio traffic for emergency personnel.

Throughout the day and in the days and months following 9/11, police and fire traffic here is Southern California was on high alert with all sorts of activity from bomb threats to a sighting of Osama Bin Laden at a Walgreens in Redlands, CA. (Click here to listen to the actual dispatch recording.) 

9/11 Audio Recordings As It Happened

I have put this page together not only as a tribute to the police officers and firefighters that lost their lives that day, but also so that you can experience what I heard that day. Below are official radio transmissions from the New York fire Department and New York Port Authority Police as they occurred that morning.

The audio recordings are 10-minutes each and cover the time frame from 8:46am to 9:34am ET and from 9:34am to 10:22am ET (after first tower collapse). Note: Some of the voices you will hear are from some of the fallen firefighters. 

Special thanks to Dave46563’s YouTube Channel for making these available. See below for a link to Dave46563’s Channel that has full news coverage videos from CNN, NBC, Fox News, ABC, BBC and other news networks as it happened.

9/11 Full News Coverage Videos

As mentioned above, I was watching CNN when coverage started. Below is the actual news coverage that I was watching as it happened. (Note: footage of 9/11 starts at 1:31 of the video)

To view more full coverage new footage, visit the following YouTube channel:

Dave46563's YouTube Channel: September 11, 2001 - As It Happened
Full coverage news videos from September 11, 2001 from BBC, ABC, NBC, CNN and others.

9/11 Police & Firefighter Video Tributes

Below are links to video tributes that were put up on YouTube. Very moving tributes.

Also be sure to visit our "Tribute to First Responders"

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