Police Drones to Detect Drunk Drivers

Reasons Police Departments Should Invest in Police Drones to Detect Drunk Drivers 

According to WHO’s report on Global Status on road safety, more than 1.25 million people from 180 countries die annually in road traffic-related accidents. The United States Department of Transportation and FBI estimate that, three lives are lost after every two hours due to alcohol-related accidents in the U.S. Drunk driving is a catastrophe that requires a concerted effort. Maybe more road blocks, but where is no manpower to monitor all the vehicles on the highways and ensure that whoever is behind the wheels is not under influence. With a police-civilian ratio standing at 1.6:1000, it is impossible to nab every drunk driver.

It is for these reasons that police drones are currently being deployed on major highways. Technology has made it possible for the law enforces to track down criminals, spot and apprehend drunk drivers who endanger lives on the roads, ensure justice is served and most importantly, keep everyone safe. Using police drones to detect DUI instills some form of fear, discipline and responsibility in all road users. Discussed herein are some of the key benefits of using drones to compliment police work.

Enhanced Surveillance

Drones serve as extra police eyes from the skies. Operated remotely, they record footage from any crime scene, which later serve as evidence to enable the police solve and fight crime. In traffic offenses, the main information that prosecutors rely on is pegged on the applicable traffic laws. Most countries have installed traffic cameras, but monitoring each camera in real time can be a headache because you can only see one screen at a time. With police drones, the car, the driver, the time, the exact place and other pieces of information as recorded by the device come in handy in establishing the offense committed. This information is then kept safely in the databases for future reference.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

The initial investment in police drones can be high, considering it is a recent technological milestone. However, considering the long term cost-saving benefits, they offer most police departments value for money. Some countries have highway patrols on the ground as well as in the air in police helicopters. However, the dramatic chase of individuals driving after taking one too many bottles or glasses of their best drink can be high including the cost of a Naples lawyer. Instead of police choppers and speed cars, the drones can even trail such individuals in case they evade police traps. Overall, the cost of maintaining one police officer is higher compared to drones. Yes, they cannot replace the officers, but they can make their work easier guaranteeing value for money for all taxpayers.

Cushion the Police from Counter Accusation

The police across the globe are victims of accusations, especially on suspect harassment. When using police drones to detect DUI, the hard evidence recorded by the devices can save the innocent arresting officers from blames or even attack by the suspects. On the other hand, rogue police officers are prevented from abusing the suspects, knowing pretty well that everything is being recorded by the drones. Some drunk drivers are normally in very bad state and might require help to the nearest hospitals for attention. Drones will instill that sense of discipline, the same way people tend to act nicely when being watched and exactly opposite when no one is around.

Emergency Response

This is one of the most important reasons why using police drones to detect DUI. Effects of road accidents leave a trail of pain to the victims and their loved ones. Sometimes, lives that would have been saved are lost mainly because there was no one to the scene to act in time. With the drones, police can easily dispatch emergency teams to accident scenes, attend to the victims fast and save lives. Hospitals can be called in advance to expect victims of accidents and all resources mobilized. The severity of the accident can also be determined in time to help response teams to determine the type of support required. With swift response, the number of road accident deaths can reduce tremendously.

Finally, it is important to emphasize the need for officers to the highest professional ethics when using police drones to detect DUI. Most people fear that the police might use these devices to spy on people, breaching on their privacy. There are also chances that the videos can be manipulated to suit the police narrative and not the true picture. There are also challenges of battery life, but the technology is still evolving, that will be addressed. That said, the benefits of police drones outweigh the cons. For safer roads, free from drunk drivers, every police department should be thinking about investing in drones.

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